Private Exposition “Antiquities of Jūrmalciems”

There is an opportunity to see the exposition “Antiquities of Jūrmalciems”, household items and craft tools of fishers, the ancient names and their use, as well as get more information about the history of Jūrmalciems, see ancient photographs, learn about the families and memories of fishermen.

Admission: for donations.

+ 371 26461735 (with prior reservation) 
“Smaragda”, Jūrmalciems, Nīcas pag. 

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Pape was first mentioned in writings in 1253. After World War I, Pape was one of the largest fishing villages in Kurzeme, with more than 100 houses. Since 2003, the Pape Nature Park has been here, where you can find unique natural ecosystems, beautiful landscapes, and...

Monument to Sculptor Miķelis Pankoks

Miķelis Pankoks (1894–1983) was a scultor, carpenter, fisherman, autodidact with a parish school education. He was born in the family of a fisherman in "Veckupši" at Jūrmalciems. A memorial stone is installed there. During his life, he created more than 700 unique...

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