About Bernāti

Bernāti is a small seaside village on the coast of the Baltic Sea, located in Dienvidkurzeme County municipality, in the Nīca parish, South of Liepāja. When you drive on the A11 road from Liepāja towards Lithuania, after 15 km on the right there is a sign “BERNĀTI” – turn right and get acquainted with our village! 


The greatest treasure of Bernāti is nature – the forest with its healing pine tree air, the sea to harden oneself and the wind that shows the power and majesty of nature. When these three things interact, they show the real Bernāti nature. They are special to each and everybody who lives here or visits.

Bernāti has many things and places to experience. More about it in the section EXPLORE BERNĀTI. 

Country: Latvia
County Municipality: Dienvidkurzeme
Parish: Nīca
Population (as of December 2021): 289

How to get there?

Public transport regularly runs through Bernāti. The bus Liepāja–Nīca will take you to Bernāti in a relatively brief time. There are four bus stops in Bernāti – “Eglītes” (the first stop in Bernāti when coming from Liepāja), “Bernāti”, “Pātari” and “Alpi” (the first stop in Bernāti when coming from Nīca).

Public transport timetables are here.

Distances to nearby villages and towns

6 km

distance to Nīca

10 km

distance to Jūrmalciems un Rude

15 km

distance to Liepāja

30 km

distance to Rucava

55 km

distance to Palainga, Lithuania

105 km

distance to Kuldīga

140 km

distance to Ventspils

230 km

distance to Rīga
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