NGO “Mēs Bernātiem”

The NGO “Mēs Bernātiem” was founded in 2016. Now it brings together twenty bright and different personalities who complement and enrich each other and miraculously can express themselves creatively and meaningfully, not only side by side but together.

The goals of the NGO are to promote the development of Bernāti – to organise cultural, sports and tourism events, to develop the range of recreational offers and infrastructure, and to preserve and promote the natural and cultural heritage.

Every year, the people of the NGO altruistically organise open concerts and events, respectfully maintain old traditions and enthusiastically create new ones, shoulder to shoulder they create an attractive environment in the village. The biggest and best-attended event of the association so far was the “Ceriņu svētki” in 2018. Some activities have become annual and awaited. For example, “Staro Bernāti” in November, the installation and decoration of the Christmas tree in the centre of Bernāti, various territory clean-ups, open-air cinema watching on summer evening, exhibitions, and open-air concerts with the participation of well-known Latvian musicians in the guest house “Sīpoli”. Also, innovative ideas for the future are always in mind.

In June 2022, “Mēs Bernātiem” participated in a competition and was awarded the Latvian recognition mark “Wise Village” for its work in the development of Bernāti village.

Diāna Ansule is the member of the board and the leader of the projects. Contact her if you want to join!

Contact person

Diāna Ansule



+371 2 780 9437


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