NGO “Keep the change”

The NGO was founded in October 2017, the aim is to promote youth interest education and professional skills development. Over the last 5 years, various projects have been carried out with participants aged 13–40.

It organises camps, training, masterclasses, lectures and workshops for young people and adults. In 2021, more than sixty different activities were organised for almost one thousand people, both in person and remotely.
We work both locally and internationally.
With the help of Andra Štāle, the head of the NGO, ten different projects have been implemented, both locally and internationally.
The NGO’s social media pages contain information on how to apply for various projects and activities in Latvia and abroad. Erasmus+ projects pay for travel, accommodation, and meals.

If you are willing to join the NGO as a volunteer, if you have ideas, want to participate, or support, drop us a line!

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+371 29402272




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