Nīca Local History Study Centre

In the Nīca Local History Study Centre (antiquities repository) you can get to know the rich cultural heritage and ancient names of Nīca and the surrounding area, including Bernāti and Pērkone. The head of the antiques will tell a story about each thing you see.

You will not only be able to see the costume and its brightly coloured skirt, but also hold them in your hands to feel their weight. Some of the parts of the national costumes stored in the repository are more than a century old. Here you can see the magnificent costume of Nīca and the wreath of acorns, as well as the costume of Pērkone and its impressive wedding wreath.

During a visit to the Antiques Collection, you can also learn various ancient words. In the repository you will also find ancient dowries, the content of which shows about the traditions of handicrafts. You can see various ancient and special tools, photographs and books. 

+371 2641735
Bārtas iela 6, Nīca, Dienvidkurzemes nov.

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