Large Herbivore Pastures at Nature Park Pape

On the territory of the nature park “Pape” there are unique natural ecosystems, beautiful landscapes, and interesting places: The Baltic Sea coast with dunes, Lake Pape, the Nida high bog, wild horses and butterflies that graze the natural floodplain meadows which are rare in Latvia.

Guided tours of the wild herbivore pastures are available.

Before man started farming land, wild horses or tarpans, like aurochs and bisons, were common in Europe, just as roe deer or elk are today. 

Large herbivores – aurochs, wild horses and bisons – play a key role in nature. They contribute to the creation of biodiverse grasslands and directly or indirectly support thousands of other species of plants and animals. Other herbivores (roe deer, deer, elk) are not able to replace horses and aurochs in nature, since their feeding conditions are different, so natural processes are disturbed. Pape demonstrates how the rhythm of nature is restored by the return of extinct species. 

The nature park offers accommodation, guided tours (for birdwatching, wild horses and tours), boat and bicycle rental.

For the attention of the Pape Nature Park visitors:
Wild herbivorous pastures are open to visitors on weekdays from 10.00 to 17.00.

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