Dūkupju Waterfall

Dūkupju Waterfall, 2.2 metres high, is located on Dūkupju stream, which flows into the Bārta River, approximately 100–120 metres from the right bank of the BĀrta River. The waterfall is constantly changing, it is gradually moving away from the Bārta River. 

This area was covered by an ice sheet about a kilometre thick 10 000 years ago. As the glacier moved, it pulled in rocks and minerals from the area it was moving over. Later, as the ice gradually melted and its movement subsided, the rock material it moved lay on the surface of the earth. This is how moraines or glacial sediments arose, which currently cover a very wide area of Latvia. After the glacier retreated, Latvia’s rivers first encountered this rock and formed numerous waterfalls that fell over the moraine. Today, such natural formations are a real rarity and are found only in the Baltics.

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