Go Boating and Stand-up Paddle Boarding


Tourism equipment rental. Rental of canoes, SUP boards and kayaks, tents, and accessories.

+371 29985244
“Jūras”, Bernāti

SIA “Sofijas Laivas”

Boat rental, SUP board rental, picnic boat “Bartinera” rides in the river Bārta

+371 29339677
“Upeskrasti”, Nīca, pie Bārtas upes tilta 

“Laimes stari”

Rental of SUP boards and sea kayaks and equipment for boating 

+371 29494519
Atrašanās vieta: “Laimes stari”, Klampju ciems

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Breathe in the Fresh Forest Air!

Breathe in the Fresh Forest Air!

The forest in Bernāti is often called the forest of the sun because the sun's rays go through to the roots of the trees, because the thin tree trunks do not hold them back. There are no bushes under the pines, which mostly grow in the Bernāti forest. Due to the lack...



Sunbathing is a fantastic way enjoy the sun's heat and absorb vitamin D. It is best to be in the sun while moving – it is good to play beach games, hike, do the Nordic walking. But if you like a lazy rest, lie down in the sand, and enjoy the rustling of the sea and a...

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