Guest House “Šķilas”

+371 25458444
@Viesu nams Šķilas
Pērkone , Nīcas pag., Dienvidkurzemes nov.

There is a very energetically strong place less than 7 km from Bernāti – Pērkone. Pērkone has got its name because the path of thunder runs over it. It is noteworthy that it does not go over until the summer solstice. There is a guest house “Šķilas” in Pērkone. It is a place where time stops. You can enjoy the Latvian sauna ritual, the bridal sauna ritual, sauna ritual for the smallest, christening, rhythmic rubbing, aromatherapy, Tibetan planetary sounding dish therapy or simply come and use our accommodation facilities and enjoy our peaceful, white sand beach, watch the most beautiful sunsets, breath the fresh pine forest air, forget everyday worries, worries, and innumerable thoughts. Free your mind, get energised, and return to everyday life with renewed vitality! If you want to enjoy the peace and regain strength, please contact us, we will explain more and talk to you! !

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