Walk the Pape Lake Nature Trail

The Pape Lake Trail runs around the Lake Pape and its total length is 32 km (approximate time for the hike is 6 – 9 h). The circular route starts at the Pape Canal in the village of Pape.

The Lake Pape is an overgrown lagoon-type lake with saltwater vegetation. It is very shallow, with an average depth of 0.5 m.

The nature trail does not lead along the very shore of the lake, but it is possible to visit it by slightly deviating from the trail. There is a bird watching tower, the bird hideout, the sacred grove and the Ezerskolas sacrificial stone, the Pape polder meadows, the black alder, pine and spruce forests, the rivers Paurupe and Līgupe, the beaver and his “work”, flood-land meadows, the ornithological station, and the Pape lighthouse on the way. 

It is recommended to visit the pastures of wild horses and aurochs, the most remarkable sights on the way (tickets can be purchased at the information kiosk at the entrance). Here it is also possible to access the shore of the lake with a truly spectacular landscape.

For your information:

  • If you visit all the sights along the path, the actual length is ~36 km.
  • Choose suitable, comfortable shoes and clothing to successfully walk the long distance. 
  • Certain parts of the nature trail in the southern and northern parts of the lake are wet in spring and autumn. 
  • Depending on the season, there might be a lot of mosquitoes and gadflies, so it is recommended to anti-insect sprays.
  • It is bestto hike or using a mountain bike for this trail.
  • Trail marking – white pictograms “Hiker with a stick”.
  • Trail surface – gravel road, forest road, mown path.
  • The trail is not suitable for visitors in wheelchairs and is not equipped with railings.

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