Fisherman’s House “Oscar”

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@zvejnieka māja OSKARS
“Oskars”, Jūrmalciems, Nīcas pag., Dienvidkurzemes nov.

Hot and cold smoked fish in Jūrmalciems.

Fish is smoked with special love. The methods of ancestors involves smoking with alder firewood, alder chips and cones.

Oskars is a captain, a fisherman, the son of a fisherman, a grandson, a great-grandson with deep roots in Jūrmalciems at least in the sixth generation. If one believes in linguists, the origin of the Kadeģi surname relates to the ancient Curonians.

Most important is following the tradition, thoroughness, striving for the highest quality and the challenging work of the whole family.

The fisherman’s house OSKARS, offers self-caught fish, according to the season, and offers their production when there has been a good catch and there is something to offer.

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