The Beautiful Gardens of Nīca

Local people are proud of their gorgeous gardens. Twice – in 2003 and 2010, Latvian flower friends’ gatherings were held in Nīca and its surroundings. President Valdis Zatlers called Nīca the capital of beautiful gardens. 

From May 1 to October 1, there is an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the gardens, if you make a reservation.


One of the most beautiful gardens in Nīca and the wider area, which has received significant nominations in the competitions of the most beautiful beauty gardens of Nīca and Latvia. There is especially rich collection of hostas with more than 130 varieties. 

+371 26562508 (ar iepriekšēju pieteikšanos)
“Kristapi”, Sīkles ciems, Nīcas pag.


Here you can see the largest collection of millstones in Latvia. It is also possible to see the art gallery. 

There is also a guest house, a sauna, picnic areas, a banquet hall.

+371 29590033; (ar iepriekšēju pieteikšanos)
“Sīpoli”, Bernāti, Nīcas pag.


The magnificent “Eldorado” garden will surprise visitors with its unusual and extremely rich assortment of woody crops, as well as a house which has a lawn-covered roof. The idea has been borrowed from Norway. Upon visit interested people will have the opportunity to borrow interesting tips and ideas in the field of gardening.

+371 29665999 (ar iepriekšēju pieteikšanos)
“Eldorado”, Pērkone, Nīcas pag.

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